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  • Advanced Pro + Mighty Max Hydro Pump
  • Advanced Pro + Mighty Max Hydro Pump
  • Advanced Pro + Mighty Max Hydro Pump

Advanced Pro + Mighty Max Hydro Pump

$ 79.95

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  • 50% more power than original showermax
  • Improved Comfort Pads
  • Updated Release Valve for handball pump
Shower buddy Penis Pump is effective and most affordable hydro pump out on the market. 100% Safe, & 100% Natural method for penis enlargement. The Shower Buddy is our top selling penis pumps. The Shower Mate works great in the bath, shower or even like a normal air pump (we highly recommend using this pump with water to get maxim results). This pump works just like all the other water / hydropump systems out there on the market but without the high cost. All Shower Buddy pump includes a shower strap so you can be hands free in the shower without the hassle of holding the pump while you are wash and shampoo yourself.
1 Shower Buddy Mighty Max Penis Pump
1 Handball Pump Kit
Weight: 9 oz
Length (outside of Pump): 11.5 inches
Length (outside of Pump): 10 inches (compressed)
Length (inside of Pump): 8.5 inches (compressed)
Circumference: 6.5 inches (inside of Gaiter)

How it Works
  1. Twist your Mighty Max Vale system counter clockwise so that the valve can spring up and down.
  2. Attach your handball and hose to you Mighty Max vale system.
  3. Relock your valve system by twisting your vale clockwise.
  4. Fill the Shower Buddy with water.
  5. Once the unit is filled with water insert your penis and start pumping your handball pump. Pump until you fill a slight pull or tug (we recommended to use low presser for the fist month and not to over do you workout)
  6. Re-pump every 5 minuets or whenever you need to add more presser to your pump / workout
  7. Do this for no more then 10 to 15 minutes a day, 4 to 6 days a week 
  8. To take off the pump you must twist your vale system counter clockwise and push down on the valve.
Note: The gray valve on the handball pump should always be in the center position when working out and when the pump is not in uses. Never leave the valve in the locking position for long period of time.