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Comment: First class product. Customer service is super, always very accomadating when asking for help & advice. Always a prompt reply to my emails. Product does exactly as it says on the tin Thanks to all at Phallosan forte
Comment: Product works well and warranty is the best I have seen used in along time.I has helped me with my devastating bout with pyronies desease. Thank you

Comment: You will never find better customer service anywhere. Jullian is the absolute best, without question, with regard to standing behind his product. His number one goal is to ensure that all customers receive first-class customer service, and he always addresses any problem in a timely and efficient manner. I have purchased items from hundreds of businesses over many years, and this business is truly in the top 1% with regard to ensuring customer satisfaction. I'm not one to typically write reviews but felt strongly about doing so for this outstanding business.

Comment: The Phallosan forte is an amazing product! I've had one for about a year now and the gains keep coming, (along with my wife)! I wish I would have known about this product years ago. My life is so much better now. The price would be a bargain at twice the price, if you've been thinking about getting one don't wait a another day, order one today, your spouse will love you for it!

Comment: I have found the Phallosan Forte to be an all around incredible device. Very comfortable to wear for long periods and is the only thing I have found in years of searching that actually works. Along with the gains in size I am also very happy to say the Phallosan has actually helped my performance in bed. Amazing, better than in my 20s. Customer service is the best in the business! Thankyou for changing my life

Comment: Superb customer service, e-mails are answered in less than 24 hours. Phallosan forte and all parts are covered with a two year warranty incase of any accidental mishaps on the users part. I love the device!

Comment: The phallosan is great and Julian is an awesome representative of it. The device itself is extremely easy to wear, comfortable, and really helped me with my gains. I put in 3500 hours in the device and the customer service and support on the PE Gym phallosan support thread was fantastic from the start. Thanks Julian :)

Comment: Just received a week ago. Had problems with the belt. They quickly sending me a new. Customer service is great. Can't wait to get started.

Comment: I have found the Phallosan Forte to be a great product. I keep the sleeve powdered with baby powder each day, but not always each time I remove it. Often I wear it to work and have to remove and reapply it several times a day to use the bathroom. I wear my shirt untucked and it is invisible. Wearing the belt is how the stretch occurs. You pass your penis through the foam ring and wrap the belt around your waist and hook the clasp from the bell to the clasp on the end of the belt. Then you monitor the length of the belt according to how far the posts extend out. This tension is shown by a color coded sticker on the posts. Green, yellow and red. My flaccid hang is almost 2 inches longer since I started wearing the Phallosan. I easily wear it for 12 hours a day. I have had no issues with it except when I forgot to lock the bell in the lock position instead of the pump position. This does not reflect poorly on the Phallosan, but rather on me.

Comment: I have tried many different options over the years. Pills, exercises you other stretchers but till I came across this one, I must say I am very impressed. I wear everyday at night. No problems, very comfortable. Cant wait to see the results in the future. All day or all night device or even both. Thanks again for making a quality product. I give it a five stars for comfort. Just started a month ago so results are a little earlier to tell.
While I've only used the product for a few weeks I have seen flaccid gains which I'm happy about. The product is very comfortable and easy to wear all day under clothes. The only time I don't wear it is when I workout. As far as customer service goes, this company is superb. I receive emails back the following day consistently. I also accidentally asked for the wrong size condom sleeves and they quickly resolved the issue free of charge. I look forward to my future progress with this product.

Well, where to start huh? Average size guy, both height, weight and penis size. Then life caught up with me and such, and the mid section fat and marriage of 20 yrs. Finally discovered a chat forum that offered up a bit of everything I was searching for......relationship advice, exercise advice and BEST of all penis enlargement. Well, to fast forward, I ended up with a Phalloson and couldn\\\'t be more pleased. To offer up a device that is basically stealth and requiring minimal effort...... I was in. So at a 1000 hrs in I\\\'ve gained almost .75\\\" inch in length and .25\\\" inch in girth.....this bundled with some light stretching and pumping on occasion. Can\\\'t wait to see my final results. Oh, by the way....started at 6\\\"x5\\\". With this being ONLY FDA device in the\\\'s really a MUST IF your goal is enlargement. The customer service is top notch too. Thanks so MUCH, DrpepperII
I am 43, suffered from erectile dysfunction and had to take a lot of medications which only helped a little. Since i have Phallosan forte i was able to leave the medical treatment. Really happy!!!!!!!!!!!
Very helpful customer service hotline, thanks

I ordered the product 4 days ago and it already reached me from Europe to Australia. Really fast shipping! lets see how happy i will be thats why only 4 from 5 stars !
Gained 1.4 inch in just 5 Month, wuhoooooo! Thanks Phallosan
Great great great great product and customer service
I tried different stretchers and Pills (never buy pills!) . This product here helped me and my relationship! I love ....made in Germany

At first my sleeve condom broke and i wan really angry but the customer service replacet it on the same day and now it already lasts since 4 month. great customer service, thanks !
I had many different Products, no matter what others say, Phallosan forte is the best one i ever had :-)