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Penis Pump Beginner Guide

Posted: Jun 12 2014

A penis pump is a medical device used by men to add length and girth to their manhood. Penis pumps are designed to create a vacuum force that will increase the size of the penis. It is a plastic or glass cylindrical container where the penis is placed inside. The penis swells consequently as the air pressure is decreased inside it. The repetitive swelling of the penis inside the container allows its cells to multiple and as a result, its size increases. Unlike other erectile dysfunction treatments that offer immediate, but temporary results, penis pumps can help you achieve permanent results.

When choosing a pens pump, make sure that you go for the pump with a cylinder and come in moderate size – not too big, not too long. If you choose a pump with a very large cylinder, the scrotum can be squished when pumping. When you choose a pump that is too small, it may not allow the penis to swell more, inhibiting you to gain more girth.

Also, it is best if you choose the device with a pressure relieve valve and a pressure gauge so that you can have a stronger control over the force to put on your penis. A pressure gauge allows you to gauge the force so that it will not exceed the safe level of pressure. The pressure relieve valve allows you to lessen the pressure easily and quickly. A penis pump with these features allows you to inhibit the potential risks of using a penis pump.

Before you use the penis pump, make sure that you cut the hair over the particular region of your skin where the cylinder will come into contact. This is necessary in order to ensure a good seal. Also, you need to carry out some penis exercises in order to stimulate the blood into your penis. This will help you avoid the potential side effects of putting instant pressure over your penis.

After warming up, allow your penis to achieve semi or full erection. You can use a lubricant to ensure a snug seal over the pint of contact of your skin and the cylinder. Slide your penis inside the cylinder and progressively put pressure until you feel uneasy, but not to the extent that you feel pain. Do not continue putting pressure over your penis if you feel pain as it may lead to an irreversible penis injury.

Achieving a permanent change or growth requires a good system, and following the right schedule of using it. Pumping must be done at least 30 minutes to 1 hour daily. You need to do this daily in order to ensure that the soft tissues and muscles cells in the penile will achieve bigger, permanent growth.

Compared to other erectile dysfunction treatments, penis pumps are considered as the most effective and safest way to achieve permanent growth. Penis pumps are noninvasive and less likely to cause serious side effects. On top of all, it is natural treatment and costs less than other treatments.

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